About YCDCo

The Yackandandah Community Development Company Ltd (YCDCo) was established in March, 2002 by seven concerned locals with the initial goal of securing the future supply of fuel in Yackandandah (a basic service function for the town that it is crucial to retain).

Having secured fuel supplies for Yackandandah now, and in to the future, YCDCo has extended its product range to include rural supplies and hardware, and concentrates on its returns to the community by way of wages and sponsorship.

An unlisted public company, YCDCo boasts the following statistics:

Shareholders 629
Shares issued 4,231
Each Share’s face value $100
Each Share’s net asset backing $145.64 as at 30th June, 2015
Fuel sold 2,665,423 litres in 2014-15
Annual revenue $4,149,432 in 2014-15
Employee Expenses $275,956 in 2014-15
Community Initative Sponsorships $148,335 to date
Surplus (after tax) $61,875 in 2014-15

YCDCo’s goals

  1. to undertake projects and initiatives which will economically and socially and culturally benefit the community of Yackandandah and its surrounding areas;
  2. to operate YCDCo on a commercially sustainable basis and generate profits to shareholders in the long term;
  3. to retain the broad-based community ownership of YCDCo;
  4. to return 50% of any future profits the company generates (e.g. after operating expenses) back to community causes and projects (to be defined); and,
  5. to return the remaining 50% of any profits to YCDCo shareholders.

YCDCo Constitution

The constitution of YCDCo can be downloaded here.